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On Norm, Marriage, and Law

Posted on: June 3, 2010

For most people, the words “normal” and “norm” are positive, while “weird” has a negative ring.  It is the opposite for me.  Norm means the majority average, and the average is usually mediocre.  Norm can be  5 feet in height, a secretary or clerk, an average college graduate from FEU, a minimum wage worker, a Catholic, and an avid viewer of Wowowee.  What’s so fantastic about that?!?  Norm is just a repetitive behavior of the consensus of the masses.  While the average norm is hopeless, the “weird” has hope.  Weird either falls on the minority lower or minority higher spectrum of the curve.  A weirdo can be a loser, a retard, a stuttering beast, or,  a genius, a superhero, or a levitating monk.  Hopeless normal or a 50-50 weirdo.  I’ll pick the weirdo.

What’s so sacred with MARRIAGE?  Let me enumerate the aspects in marriage– spiritual, social, and legal.  I’m an atheist (but not a materialist atheist), so I don’t see the sacredness in the churchy union of marriage.  I find kamasutra more spritual than a church union. Really.  Second is the social/society aspect of marriage.  Again, the society is composed of “normal” people.  Should I care what the Wowowee viewers think of me?@!? Lastly, the legal aspect of marriage is the most crucial and important part as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t want my money to go to government when I die.  I prefer to entrust my money to the one who pleasured me the most–relationally that is, whether he faked it or not. So marriage is worth considering only on the legal aspect of it.

Speaking of legal system or the law, I don’t quite agree that it should be followed black and white.  For example, a country’s laws are either dictated by the powerful few or the consensus of the idiots.  Democracy for the masses is a democracy that the masses cannot handle.  On the other hand, if we entrust the “law” to the powerful, we are not even sure of their character alignment.  Will it be only to their advantage or to the advantage of the majority? Legal system and the laws are so man-made, so fallible, so subjective, so not absolute.  In reality, the laws are only as good as the people who formulated them.

Legally speaking, which is worse?  A philanderer or a tax-evader? I wonder……

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