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2009 was one of the best Christmas vacations I ever had.  I’ve never felt this free.  I felt alive, free, yet connected.

I bumped into a German acquaintance the other week.  As always, he looked perfect!  He’s 6 ft tall, lean ectomorph with lean beautiful but functional muscles, bright deep set eyes, sharp nose, ok lips, tanned white complexion.  I told him that given a choice, I would prefer to be a German or maybe a German Chinese because of their genetic inclination/excellence.   (Germans for most physical qualities, Chinese for clearer skin)  He accused me of being a racist! I was surprised to hear that.  He said that we have to be content with what we have and do everything we can to achieve our desires.  No comparison with others but just with our own self.  He said we can only compete with ourself and that there’s nothing we cannot do if we set our mind into doing it.  Apparently, this guy is a motivator by profession.  I told him that I agree that we should make the most of what we have. But…given a choice…I prefer to have a better starting point by being a German Chinese.

Let me elaborate myself.  First, we always discriminate when we choose.  Discrimination is actually a neutral term unless used to the extreme. When we order pizza over rice, we discriminate.  When we watch Law and Order over Wowowee, we discriminate.  But I don’t go around killing all men named Willie.  If I prefer red over yellow, I’m a colorist.  If I prefer pizza over rice, I’m a foodist.  If a prefer German genetics over other races’ genetics, I’m a racist. How polite do I have to be?   I told my friend being 6 ft is better than 4 ft.  He kept asking me “says who?’  I guess he was using that technique of some psychologists to improve the self-esteem of born losers by changing their perception of themselves.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on me.  I cannot fool myself to believe that my baby fats make me look sexy.  I actually want to get frustrated, agitated, to the point where I want to transform that defect.  For the defects that can’t be changed, then I’ll have to accept it.

One common defect of people is we downplay the importance of the traits we don’t have and  upgrade the importance of the traits we have.  Where is the universal standard then?  Where is the truth then?  I think we should learn to be more objective and be brave to face our own ugly self.  I often bump into people with problems that are easily solved, whether physical or otherwise.  Unfortunately, I can’t just help them even if I want to because I have to deal with their ego/pride, their delusions.  Most people would rather be a proud defective loser than a humble striving learner.