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I was watching an episode about nuns recently.  Nuns cannot own possessions, should be obedient to their church, and devote their life to serve their church.  Interesting things I learned about nuns: They don’t have to be a virgin to become a nun. Their costume called the “habit” is actually their wedding dress, and they are married to Jesus.  They even wear a wedding ring that symbolizes their union with Jesus.

I know that people have different callings and purpose in life, and maybe, that’s really what they were meant to do.  But I have some contentions about nunnery.  First, where do these nuns get their money for their food, clothing, shelter?  It’s from the donations of working people, not from Jesus!  I suggest they should give something back to the people who donate money to their church.  What about Jesus will grant you a wish for every donation you make?   Second, they focus so much on helping the starving people, but never on the full actualization of human beings.  So what if everybody survives and can inhale and exhale air?  The focus and concentration is too much on the nursery and kindergarten, not on college and PhD.  Everybody survives, but nobody thrives.  Another aspect is the nuns have to live in poverty(or are required to), so how can they even advocate thriving and success?

I don’t completely disagree with the institution of nunnery.  It just needs to be more grounded and practical.   I don’t even want to give them the title or respect and regard that they expect. Sister Susan, Mother Magdalene, useless, impractical.  Can they stop a typhoon with their prayers?  I hope they can or learn to do it soon, so they will be deserving of their title.