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Chiz just left his camp with speculations that he did not want to compromise with Danding Cojuangco regarding Danding’s full financial support in exchange of business favors after election.  Even if Villar is open for Chiz to be his running mate, Chiz vehemently accused Villar of deliberately double posting the huge amount of money to cheat with his finances. Where can Chiz go if he wants to maintain his lawfulness?  At best, he’ll be with Noynoy-Mar camp, thus sacrificing his chance to become a president or vice-president and still maintain his integrity.

Many young people starts off their life like Chiz– idealistic, lawful, ambitious, principled. But the systems we revolve in like our family, our community, our bosses, our government just won’t allow us to become lawful good or lawful neutral at the very least.  The systems and the people who hold power over the systems will squeeze, knead, and wring us young people.  We are left with almost no option but to go with the “unlawful evil” flow of the systems, even if our hearts had good intentions and motives to begin with. Should Chiz give up the chance to be a great leader?  I don’t think so.  Should Chiz maintain his integrity by not allowing the system to pollute him?  I think he should realize that people and things are not black and white, or not anymore. He can actually ally with a powerful not so evil person and do greater things after when he gets in the position.  A polluted system is hard to change, and we badly need more Chizes and Noynoys to change the system internally.  Trillanes failed fighting the powerful system with his goodness, integrity, and righteousness. I pity Trillanes.  I pity Chiz.  There’s no way for them to change the system but to learn how to be “unlawful evil” at times.  Do it for greater good, of course.

Come to think of it, most Chinese families are like the Arroyo administration.  You have to learn how to suck up to the most powerful; it’s full of injustice and oppression; the people in power are a-holes and jerks; it lacks integrity, genuine concern for each member; pretentious and full of press release.


This is the month Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas will tie the knot.  I’m happy for both of them and I think they deserve each other.  Unfortunately, many men, Chinese and Filipino alike find Korina not marriageable.  The primary reason is because she had live-in partners/bfs prior to meeting Mar.  One is the brother of Noynoy Aquino.  What a small world.  Noynoy and his family is even part of the Korina-Mar entourage.  Some find this distasteful, I don’t.

What’s wrong with having a previous live-in bf?  They were in a committed relationship and they felt they were not ready to marry each other.  It was probably also convenient for them to just stay in one roof. Does it follow that Korina is promiscuous and undiscerning with her men?  On the contrary.  What’s ridiculous is the men who criticize Korina for her unmarriageability are promiscuous themselves.  They all married virgins or virginal women.

For bookkeeping purpose, I’ll describe Korina and Mar.  Korina is one of the most successful journalist, newscaster, TV personality.  Her success is rare, even for a man, and what more for a woman.  She is beautiful enough, maybe not like a beauty queen, but enough to make an average man desire her.  Korina is a self-made woman.  On the other hand, Mar came from an old rich family with not much success he can call his own.  Everything was backed up by the family, and at best, he did “ok”.  Just okay.  He has a son from a previous relationship (extra baggage), and he looks average.  I would think that nobody is shortchanging someone here.

The Chinese man told me, “Any Chinese man will never marry Korina, Chinese are conservative.”  I said, “No, Chinese men are jerks.  Women should not be valued by their virginity alone.  Men and women should be measured using the same yardstick. Caliber, Character, Intelligence, Success and so on… precedes chastity.”