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My Solution to Al and Tipper’s Divorce

Posted on: June 3, 2010

Above is the marriage profile  of Al Gore and Tipper Gore.  I really don’t know if I agree or disagree with their separation. (not that I have the right to make decisions for them)   I completely agree that Al should pursue and choose his bigger and bolder vision that might affect the entire humanity.  I also agree that Tipper is equally entitled to just enjoy her retirement years playing around.  What I don’t get is why do they have to break the legal bond called marriage when they can just do what they want to do separately and maybe see each other only once a month or so.  At 60-ish of age, do they still want to find their soulmate again?  Maybe they have a very idealistic and romantic perspective of what a marriage is all about— passion, constant togetherness, shared vision and mission in life, devotion…

If I put myself in Tipper’s shoes, this is how I’ll calculate.  I’m 60, I love my husband, kids, and grandkids.  They are my fulfillment.  But I’m tired of following my husband around pretending to be as passionate and caring as he is, when in reality, I just wanna retire and have fun.  I’ll also feel a far 2nd priority of my husband.  sniff…..  But.. I’d rather have occasional dates with him when he’s free rather than travel alone for the remaining years of my life.  What are the chances I’ll fool someone as cute, smart, loving and gentle as my husband Al? Slim chance.   At least I can be alone most of the time and still be with him some of the time.   There’s also no point to remarry because I already bore all the children I can have.  Why remarry and complicate the financial statements?  Boyfriends, friends, or lovers should be enough.  What’s more, while my husband Al is busy with saving humanity, I can have fun with my kids, friends and/or lovers.   And when Al is free, I’ll be back in the arms of my husband Al.

2 Responses to "My Solution to Al and Tipper’s Divorce"

The way I feel it? The divorce was the solution not needing any further solution. I’ve known 80-somethings meeting soulmates. Different ages have totally different rules and scenes, but one is never too old for a soulmate.

Divorce was needed more for the separation and convenience of Al (gore obviously).

He can now technically fool around with other girls. While he’s officially married he still has a ball and chain. Though he (and his wife perhaps) are more enlightened than the common rabble that made the laws. Unfortunately, we will be judged according to the Godam laws that they have made. Ergo, if he has a new girlfriend, fubu or anything to that sort while they are still involved, he can be legally accountable (and socially) even if he has the wife’s consent.

Like you said in a previous post. Laws are only as good as the people who made them.

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