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Intsiksiomai is a Dane at heart

Posted on: June 1, 2010

I was so thrilled to find out that my chosen”values and philosophies” in life are not as radical and crazy as I first thought.  First, I thought that a responsible girl shouldn’t get herself pregnant until she can actually support and raise the kid on her own.  This is not to say that a girl shouldn’t ask for child support from the father of her baby.  This is just the conservative and safer thing to do.  Second, I thought that there really is no need for marriage, and cohabitation is a good enough set-up since I don’t believe in a marriage-conscious god, and mixing my money “automatically” with someone else is stupid and scary.  Third, the only reason a couple should consider marriage is if it can lower their taxes or for easy transfer of inheritance.   Finally, I’m the type who can “cheat” on my partner and will not feel any guilt at all as long as I do my responsibilities and obligations in our cohabitation arrangement. (What matters more is avoiding STD and don’t get pregnant.)

And my utopia exists in the country called Denmark!  Oprah featured different girls from different parts of the world, and the Danes are living the life I can only dream of.  Even Oprah was amazed and said that she has never felt egalitarianism and gender equality as much as in Denmark.  It beats USA easily. Since then, I’ve been reading more and more about Denmark and the Danes, and I just admire them more and more.  Denmark is one of the richest countries, greenest, healthiest, and where feminism is the norm and not a battle.


2 Responses to "Intsiksiomai is a Dane at heart"

Denmark has liberated girls, while in the Netherlands marijuana is legal. Get thee me to Northern Europa asap.

I’ve been to the scandinavian areas and I dare say that there is almost no place on earth as evolved holistically (if not advanced). I would say that the scandics are the promised land and not that pathetic place the israelis are trying to claim. What kind of moron would want to live in that barren desert anyway. I say to them, let the palestinians have it.

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