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What is societal norm, but just a mean average of the population’s opinions.  90+80+90+85+70+65+90+100+130=? divided by 9 is below 100! Mean=88. Median=85. Mode=90.   What is the society made up of, but mediocre average at best, but most probably lower than passable, since idiots breed more rapidly.  Density wise, society is made up of below average minds.

Values/value system,(may include) religion or lack of it,hierarchy of priorities, philosophical convictions– the skeletal framework from which we design our life, which prompts us to act a certain way, behave a certain way, should be inferior if based on societal norm.  If we know we are below the norm, it’s ok to reach for the norm.  But if we are above the mean, median, mode of the population, it’s time to deviate from the norm.


I can so much relate to the character Miranda of Sex and the City.  When Miranda got pregnant, she got asked by people around, friends, acquaintances, even strangers, if she’s pregnant.  Then, after she says “yes.”, the friend will gush and grin, and the follow up question is “Is it a girl or a boy?”  After she mentions the gender, the friend will gush even more and grin even more.  Miranda gets annoyed, creeped out with such response.  Eventually, she tells people not to gush about it.  I was never pregnant, but I have the exact same impulse as Miranda.  I get goosebumps and creeped out with such sugary sweetness.   I even find “Happy Birthday” greetings quite creepy.  The only reason I bother to greet people with a happy birthday is because I assume the other person values his/her birthday so much. (?!?)  I’ve finally itemized the reasons why I have that impulse:

1. I don’t find having a baby as something just cute, but more like an added RESPONSIBILITY,  something to be taken really seriously.

2. I don’t find birthdays as worth celebrating and getting attention from.  Any idiot can feign significance on his birthday.  Did he do anything significant anyway?

3.  I feel more ashamed for the pregnant girl more often than not, especially if I find her not worthy to proliferate.   I pity the unborn child for having a “half-a-person” mom and maybe a jerk dad.

4.  I feel ashamed of myself when being greeted for nothing, for getting so much attention for nothing on birthdays.  I’d rather they attend and support my recitals (if I have).

5.  Accentuate and celebrate what matters, neglect what doesn’t matter.