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The Concise Oxford Dictionary’s (1960) defines religious toleration as, in part:

bullet “recognition of right of private judgment in religious matters,
bullet liberty to uphold one’s religious opinions and forms of worship, or
bullet to enjoy all social privileges etc. without regard to religious differences.

I hereby tolerate the Christians from exercising weird practices such as Sunday and Wednesday masses, bible studying(not reading it as a piece of literature), visita iglesias, and  other lenten/Christmas practices.  For non-Christians like me, I appreciate the long vacations twice a year.  The Christmases and the Holy weeks force me to take some needed break and enjoy, indulge, or just laze around.  It forces me to reconnect with people I don’t normally interact with on busier days.

I suppose people evolve at their own pace and people don’t traverse the same paths.  From a macro perspective, the story still has to be played out and portrayed.  Transcend, linger, transcend, linger, transcend, linger. Christianity now is in the lingering part of the story.  I wonder what our great grandchildren will call this era, “Age of Credulity”?   Is it safe to assume we transcend, linger, transcend, linger, or we could actually transcend, linger, deteriorate, linger?  Is our development LINEAR or CYCLICAL?  This era of “age of credulity” is actually lower than the ‘renaissance era’.  Or are we still in an linear uptrend with a “higher low”(higher than dark ages, but lower than renaissance age) in civilization and consciousness?

Here’s also an article I truly agree with.  If we have technological updates, skill updates, why can’t we update our religious beliefs/religions/spirituality?