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Many girls who are in a romantic relationship becomes delusional. They think that their boyfriend or husband has the right to stop them from doing certain things, especially those that are not crucial to their partnership. Girls also think that they can stop or prevent their boyfriend from their vices like smoking, drinking, or fucking around. Their boyfriend may feel flattered that the gf is jealous or concerned, but men will never never ever change for their gf. If they do, it is a temporary, superficial change just to appease her. A playboy will always be a playboy, a smoker will always want to smoke even if he knows its detrimental to his health, and a drunkard will always enjoy alcohol. Very few men have the resolve to change. Very few men will have an NDE (near death experience). It is believed that NDE can turn one’s core around.. Many of my male friends lie to their partners and just do everything and anything when the gf is not around. At least men get to do what they set out to do.

The girls are the stupider ones. They actually follow the unreasonable requests of their bfs, like don’t date other men, don’t go out with this friend or that friend, don’t swim, don’t go to gym, don’t join pageants, don’t wear this, don’t take that job. Men are territorial by nature, but they are not necessarily concerned for the growth and welfare of the girls. They just want to exercise their power through control and dominion. It’s all for their selfish ego, and not for the welfare and growth of the girls. I know many girls who lost their earning power because their men told them they will be provided for. Then after they separate, the girls amounted to nothing. Men also become resentful if they are the only income earner and provider. So don’t believe this “I can provide and I will provide” promise. Men stop their gfs from joining pageants and flirting with different men, but they are really more attracted to flirtatious pretty pageant girls. Men stop their gfs from their social life. But girls derive a big part of their fulfillment from solid relationships! Be it friendship, daughter-mother, sister-cousin relations, girls love to have solid relationships.

A man will agree to change but finds a way to do what he wants anyway. A man knows his rights and will always claim his rights.
A woman will agree to give-up all her human rights, sacrifice and give up things that make her whole and fulfilled just to keep her man.


People keep interchanging these 3 adjectives as if they are one and the same. They may be running in the same path, but I would like to define each one of them and put them in the proper hierarchy of goodness. Kindness is the highest good among the 3. It means being compassionate towards life and people in general, having natural inclination of helping others, being more considerate of people and things in general, and predisposed to accomodate people (as much as possible). Kind people has a bigger and more generous heart. It may not be in the form of money or things, but time and effort. It brings love to a greater degree, without inflicting harm to anyone, and never at the expense of others. Niceness is the second good among the 3. The difference is that niceness is more shallow. It brings cheer, pleasant words and gestures, but without the feeling of too much responsibility towards them. It displays agreeableness, congeniality. It evades conflict and friction, always yearning for a more peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes, I equate this niceness with naivety. Justice, truth, or pending conflicts are better raised and fought rather than insisting on maintaining the atmosphere of false peace. Obedience ranks the least. I don’t even consider it good, but just a neutral quality of people. Obedience is just for maintaining order, whether the order is for the good(traffic rules), or for the bad (assassinate him!). Obedience means submission to an authority. It is submission of the will. When there is obedience, there is an authority, a leader, a dictator. There is a person commanding for the obeyer to comply with his requirement or order. Whether the order of the commander is for his own good or not, or for someone else’s good or not, is not the concern of someone really really obedient. Obedience is encouraged by the more powerful and superior as a means to temper the lower beings/barbarians. Parents want children to obey, for what, we can’t ask. President wants us to obey, for what, we can’t let her justify. Among the Orientals, obedience is one of the most prized qualities. Young people should obey the old. Wife should obey the husband. The obedience is based on hierarchy, seniority, age. Reasoning, rationalizing, questioning are discouraged. Obedience doesn’t require a lot of thinking and pondering, just mere doing and following. Tagalog is such a limited language. And “mabait” is overused to mean almost anything. People are not sharp to see or sense the real quality and motive of a person. Why not try using “masunurin”, “magalang”, “maginoo”, “mapagpanggap”, “sipsip”, or “uto-uto” instead?