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Feminists will be the last beneficiaries of enlightenment.  This is something I realized upon contemplating on sharing my complaints about being a 2nd rate citizen.  The first layer that has to be stripped off is THEISM.  Most if not all religions say that women submit, obey, and are 2nd rate humans.  The second layer to peel off is CULTURE.  Most cultures that has set tradition and practices view women as mere supporters of men.  This is what CONFUCIANISM  in CHINESE and KOREAN culture teach.  Even the Filipino-Spanish culture of Maria Clara and modest virgin girls are crazy.   The European chivalry culture also sucks.   If the culture is non-culture, then girls will be more progressive or has a better chance to progress.

I realize I shouldn’t even bother empowering girls who are theists and/or culturists.  It’s going to be tedious and a waste of my energy.


I’m obviously a feminist, although I’m not a member of any organized feminist group yet.  I guess I’m too busy developing myself to even bother joining one.  One thing I noticed with a lot of feminist movements is their focus on eradication of domestic violence and teaching livelihood programs to victims like basket weaving. Although the advocacy is positive, it also goes to show how backward we still are.  It means that many girls still tolerate some slaps and kicks, and they only shout foul when their life is endangered??  That’s still a ridiculous way of living a life.  After these girls escape from their husband, they are taught a stupid way of making money like basket weaving?? What is that, a promotion of cheap labor for china factories?

I think feminist groups should highlight and focus optimal development for girls instead of dwelling on their victimhood.  Man/Men shouldn’t even be our goal.  We may even exceed some of their expertise, who knows?

The 4 key areas that girls should focus on to attain optimal development are as follows:

1. Education and Awareness= One can be academically competent but may lack the awareness of her rights as an individual.  Individual is higher than/precedes gender.

2. Physical Competence = Girls should learn basic dodging and kicking, should have decent mobility for function and protection.

3. Financial/Economic Independence= Most girls endure because they can’t fend for themselves. Stop basket weaving for 10 pesos a basket.

4. Birth Control= Girls go to a downward spiral when they cannot control giving birth.  A baby is a financial liability, a time consuming, energy depleting task that prevents girls from doing items 1,2, & 3.  Take Charge of this! This is the number 1 weakness of girls because they think that it’s their husband who decides for this, or are afraid that if they don’t give in to sex, their partner will fool around.  Who cares?  If the guy leaves, let him leave.  If the guy impregnates someone else, so be it.  We shouldn’t care how his life or their life turn out. We want to make sure how our life will turn out.


I’m very supportive of this kind of technology.  I really hope that this procedure will become much cheaper and will reach the masses, similar to the use of contraceptives these days.  This is definitely life-changing.  Why?  Girls don’t have to rush getting married  and choose any bozo when they reach a certain age.  Girls can focus on self-development first and become better humans and not just girly girls.   Girls can eventually attain freedom– freedom to explore their career, freedom to form and embody their own personal philosophies and convictions, freedom to live a fuller life and not just half-a-life.

Above is a photo of what is done to the vagina to ensure that a girl is a virgin until marriage.  Let me explain the procedure in a brief way.  The clitoris is cut and removed, the labia minora(inner opening) is also cut and removed, the labia majora (outside opening) is sewn together until there’s just enough hole for the pee and menstruation to come out.  Isn’t it exciting? The thread that binds the labia majora is only removed upon marriage, but the husband has the option of having the vagina sewn back tightly after some time.

The question is who is more civilized?  A girl who makes sure (like above) to keep herself a virgin until marriage or a girl who makes sure she gets her orgasms either from men or from herself?   Some men consider a girl’s virginity as a sign of civility and appropriateness and views promiscuity with contempt.  On the other hand, the more empowered educated women are not trying their darndest to keep their virginity.  So which is which?

I was so thrilled to find out that my chosen”values and philosophies” in life are not as radical and crazy as I first thought.  First, I thought that a responsible girl shouldn’t get herself pregnant until she can actually support and raise the kid on her own.  This is not to say that a girl shouldn’t ask for child support from the father of her baby.  This is just the conservative and safer thing to do.  Second, I thought that there really is no need for marriage, and cohabitation is a good enough set-up since I don’t believe in a marriage-conscious god, and mixing my money “automatically” with someone else is stupid and scary.  Third, the only reason a couple should consider marriage is if it can lower their taxes or for easy transfer of inheritance.   Finally, I’m the type who can “cheat” on my partner and will not feel any guilt at all as long as I do my responsibilities and obligations in our cohabitation arrangement. (What matters more is avoiding STD and don’t get pregnant.)

And my utopia exists in the country called Denmark!  Oprah featured different girls from different parts of the world, and the Danes are living the life I can only dream of.  Even Oprah was amazed and said that she has never felt egalitarianism and gender equality as much as in Denmark.  It beats USA easily. Since then, I’ve been reading more and more about Denmark and the Danes, and I just admire them more and more.  Denmark is one of the richest countries, greenest, healthiest, and where feminism is the norm and not a battle.


Many of my contemporaries have gotten married already.  Some have their own kids as well.  For some reason, I pity many of them, even if they claim to be happy or are even truly happy with their current situations.   I noticed that a lot of women just live half a life, or even just one third or one fourth of their life.  The rest of their life goes to a state of delusion, where the successes and adventures, activities and interactions are actualized by their children, and not themselves.

Mothers enroll their kids to classes in swimming, painting, sketching, singing, dancing, languages and take so much pride in their successes.  If they deem these activities worthwhile to do, why don’t they do it themselves? (Am I hearing lousy excuses?)  Many of my athlete schoolmates do not engage in any sports anymore.  And this is not because they have replaced their sport with another sport or any developmental activity.  It is because their life is finished, it’s done.  They have already lived their “half-a-life”.

The scary part of this half-a-life culture is it’s inherited and passed on from generation to generation unconsciously and unknowingly. Woman lives half-a-life, gives birth to daughter who also lives half-a-life, and encourages her own daughter to “sacrifice” and live half-a-life for her offspring.  In the end, nobody lives a full life. Maybe some men do, some gays also do, but seldom it will be for women.

Many girls who are in a romantic relationship becomes delusional. They think that their boyfriend or husband has the right to stop them from doing certain things, especially those that are not crucial to their partnership. Girls also think that they can stop or prevent their boyfriend from their vices like smoking, drinking, or fucking around. Their boyfriend may feel flattered that the gf is jealous or concerned, but men will never never ever change for their gf. If they do, it is a temporary, superficial change just to appease her. A playboy will always be a playboy, a smoker will always want to smoke even if he knows its detrimental to his health, and a drunkard will always enjoy alcohol. Very few men have the resolve to change. Very few men will have an NDE (near death experience). It is believed that NDE can turn one’s core around.. Many of my male friends lie to their partners and just do everything and anything when the gf is not around. At least men get to do what they set out to do.

The girls are the stupider ones. They actually follow the unreasonable requests of their bfs, like don’t date other men, don’t go out with this friend or that friend, don’t swim, don’t go to gym, don’t join pageants, don’t wear this, don’t take that job. Men are territorial by nature, but they are not necessarily concerned for the growth and welfare of the girls. They just want to exercise their power through control and dominion. It’s all for their selfish ego, and not for the welfare and growth of the girls. I know many girls who lost their earning power because their men told them they will be provided for. Then after they separate, the girls amounted to nothing. Men also become resentful if they are the only income earner and provider. So don’t believe this “I can provide and I will provide” promise. Men stop their gfs from joining pageants and flirting with different men, but they are really more attracted to flirtatious pretty pageant girls. Men stop their gfs from their social life. But girls derive a big part of their fulfillment from solid relationships! Be it friendship, daughter-mother, sister-cousin relations, girls love to have solid relationships.

A man will agree to change but finds a way to do what he wants anyway. A man knows his rights and will always claim his rights.
A woman will agree to give-up all her human rights, sacrifice and give up things that make her whole and fulfilled just to keep her man.