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Defining Friendship

Posted on: June 28, 2010

My idealism combined with a sheltered background lead me to think that “friends” should never become your business associates or customers or creditors or anything to do with economic advancement.  I thought friends should just enjoy each other’s company, watch movies together, shop together, or go out of town together.  It was only much later or maybe recently that I realized I can’t live in my fairyworld anymore.

People really use people for their own cause/gain, and the term “friend” becomes just a euphemism.    My ex-crush just told me his friend is not a true friend because he didn’t want to lend him money!  For me, my ex-crush is less of a friend than the one who refused to lend him.   Then, my uncle kept calling his supplier his “friend”, when he can’t even crack a joke on his face and all they talk about is price-haggling.    I myself have been tainted by this system of pseudo-friendships already, much as I don’t want to.   It’s like taxes and BIR.  Even if you want to pay the correct taxes for your business, the tax collector still pushes you to give under the table, so you might as well learn how to dance their beat, hopefully, without creating so much damage and corrupting your whole self.

Is it important to genuinely like a friend?  Is it important to share common interests with a friend?  Is it important to have similar values with a friend?  (at least the values they both deem important)  Is it important to have activities with a friend?

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