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Peace is just for the Elites

Posted on: June 19, 2010

In my opinion, no amount of ideal-pushing and enlightenment can bring long-term peace into this world unless these issues are resolved— economics/economy and  balance of power.  A person whose survival is threatened cannot think of peace, while struggling for survival.  In the hierarchy of needs, survival is more immediate. Tell a beggar he will go to hell when he steals, and he’ll just laugh at you because he is literally in hell right now.  I don’t fully agree with balance of power in the sense that some people deserve more power because of their sense of responsibility, unselfishness, caliber, and abilities.  But for the sake of being realistic of the tendencies of humans in general, I’d have to choose balance of power.  The international community is still surviving because the oil-rich Arabs, the Americans, the emerging Chinese, and the not so rich war-like Communists still have a balance of power.  But once the power goes to one direction heavily, then we cannot expect the mediocre peace we are now enjoying to continue.  Of course, it’s better that the more enlightened get more power, but knowing humans as humans, power still gets to our airy heads.  (This balance of power and economics can be applied to the smallest organization, including a simple couple.  Try being a useless powerless partner, and see if there will be peace.)

Oppressed underpaid laborers, women liberation groups, slaves, cannot and should not opt for “peace” first.  It just doesn’t make sense.  There are more important and immediate advocacies than peace.  Peace shouldn’t be approached in a simplistic way.  Peace is  just a result of good economy, good governance, and proper distribution of power.  Simply pushing peace without viewing the big picture is just naive.

What about what the god/gods/goddess/goddesses say about peace?  That is what I call Advil/Ponstan/Biogesic/Midol, a temporary pain-reliever.

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