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How To Please Men

Posted on: June 8, 2010

Above is a photo of what is done to the vagina to ensure that a girl is a virgin until marriage.  Let me explain the procedure in a brief way.  The clitoris is cut and removed, the labia minora(inner opening) is also cut and removed, the labia majora (outside opening) is sewn together until there’s just enough hole for the pee and menstruation to come out.  Isn’t it exciting? The thread that binds the labia majora is only removed upon marriage, but the husband has the option of having the vagina sewn back tightly after some time.

The question is who is more civilized?  A girl who makes sure (like above) to keep herself a virgin until marriage or a girl who makes sure she gets her orgasms either from men or from herself?   Some men consider a girl’s virginity as a sign of civility and appropriateness and views promiscuity with contempt.  On the other hand, the more empowered educated women are not trying their darndest to keep their virginity.  So which is which?


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I think we must first define the species, baboon or man? It may be more appropriate in certain occasions to ask, “How to please a baboon?”

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