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Living just Half a Life

Posted on: June 1, 2010

Many of my contemporaries have gotten married already.  Some have their own kids as well.  For some reason, I pity many of them, even if they claim to be happy or are even truly happy with their current situations.   I noticed that a lot of women just live half a life, or even just one third or one fourth of their life.  The rest of their life goes to a state of delusion, where the successes and adventures, activities and interactions are actualized by their children, and not themselves.

Mothers enroll their kids to classes in swimming, painting, sketching, singing, dancing, languages and take so much pride in their successes.  If they deem these activities worthwhile to do, why don’t they do it themselves? (Am I hearing lousy excuses?)  Many of my athlete schoolmates do not engage in any sports anymore.  And this is not because they have replaced their sport with another sport or any developmental activity.  It is because their life is finished, it’s done.  They have already lived their “half-a-life”.

The scary part of this half-a-life culture is it’s inherited and passed on from generation to generation unconsciously and unknowingly. Woman lives half-a-life, gives birth to daughter who also lives half-a-life, and encourages her own daughter to “sacrifice” and live half-a-life for her offspring.  In the end, nobody lives a full life. Maybe some men do, some gays also do, but seldom it will be for women.

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