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For Sale: Freedom, Will, Growth

Posted on: July 25, 2009

Girls should be careful when they ask for “gender designated role-playing” from men.  Sure, we want freebies and free meals, who doesn’t?  But don’t ever use the gender role play as an excuse to get the free meals because it can backfire and be counterproductive.  How much will a man give to fulfill his role as a “man”? Only a few men actually build a house.  The house is a fixed cost, and sometimes they even live with parents, so it’s either a fixed cost or no cost.  Living expenses of a wife is basically food, around 5k-10k.   Now, how much should a woman give to fulfill her role as a “woman”? If she has to do the chores, she has already paid off the maid’s fee of 5k.  If she opens her legs for the man anytime, she has already covered the fee of a clean loyal prostitute for a measly 5k.  Breakeven or steal deal!!! The man can even push the idea of submission/obedience, take away opportunities for growth, and even take away her willpower.

Once a job is secured or business has stabilized, money flows easy. Nothing much is at stake with a man who just has to be a “man”.  A woman who insists on being a “woman” has so much at stake. She is staking freedom to choose her own philosophies, form her own core values, have her own convictions, freedom to choose and be with her friends and peers, freedom to explore her interests, freedom to meet other men, opportunities for self-development in many different areas from sports, arts, sciences, or anything.  She’s also bound to lose her own Will, which is a vital aspect of our humanity.

It’s interesting to start a date by asking a man,”What do you think is the role of a man and a woman?” We might see right away what the guy is willing to give and expect to take.  If I were a man, I’ll ask the girl,“How much is your freedom, will, and growth?  Can I afford it?” Then find out, treat her to an expensive meal, bring her home with your lavish car, and send flowers the next day.

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