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The Case of Winnie

Posted on: June 20, 2009

Here we go again.  Another Intsik acquaintance is getting married soon.  This is her quick stats.  She has two brothers and the only daughter, but she’s the most hands-on in her father’s business.  The business is export and garments production.  She’s been receiving an 8,000 peso a month salary, works like a cow(48hours straight sometimes).  She is a UP Diliman graduate.  Now that she’s getting married, the father wants to either kick her out of their family business, or she continues to “help” the dad for 8K/month.  Father said the garments business goes to the two brothers.  If you’re an outsider, you will assume that “Winnie” is dumb and it’s her choice to leave.  But this is not the case when you’ve been fed and brainwashed by your family that you have to do it out of love for family.  When we are growing up as kids, who are the people we trust the most–our parents.  Usually, the realization comes after we’ve been victimized by these people.  Winnie is such a smart, reliable, and competent woman(now 30 years old).  But what will she write in her resume suppose she leaves that stupid factory of her dad?  I was a COO for 10 years, but I was “kechut” or “sibak” by the company because I’m a girl, so now I’m applying in your company as an all around maid? It’s a good thing she will marry a nice(not temperamental & possessive) guy who comes from a rich family who’s more than willing to absorb her.  But then again, she’ll be at the mercy of another man?

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