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The Case of Jenny

Posted on: June 20, 2009

Jenny’s parents own two stores selling fabrics in Divisoria.  Jenny has been working for the past 8 years.  She works 7 days a week.  Her younger sister just finished her college and started working in the store with Jenny.  To make a long story short, Jenny got married, and the next day she went back to work.  Her parents asked her:”Why are you here?” She answere,”I work here.”  The parents said she should leave and go to her husband because she doesn’t belong there anymore.  She belongs to her husband.  There was a heated argument and confrontation.  The younger sister left and eventually found a job in a call center.  Meanwhile, Jenny found a stall one block away from her parents’ store.  Her husband helped her fund the new business.  She’s been pirating her previous customers from her parents’ store, but also adding more of her own.  I’m very happy for Jenny.  Even if she still has a lousy relationship with her parents and brother now, she was able to stand up and eventually succeed.

But the core problem has not been solved.  Jenny and her sister are rightful heirs of that business.  How many girls are as competent as Jenny?(who was able to save herself)  What happens to the daughters who are not as competent as her?  Rot in hell???

4 Responses to "The Case of Jenny"

Dont underestimate the motives of a parent. Perhaps they needed to drive Jenny away so she could finally learn soar on her own.

I know the situation well enough that I’m certain the parents don’t mean well. In Chinese community, girls are dispensable 2nd rate citizen. Why did they drive her away and gave all the perks to the son? They don’t love the son that’s why they are spoiling him? And they love Jenny that’s why they drove her away? I don’t think so.

I don’t credit any of my successes to my parents. We can’t abandon a baby and then when she survives with flying colors, we’ll claim it’s because we taught her independence??? Abandonment now is “teaching independence”? That’s crap.

sophion – It is strange but I knew some people would comment the same way you did regarding the situation. I was telling a friend a parallel situation of a person put at a disadvantage by the parents and the person had to strive harder to accomplish certain objectives. I told the person right away. Don’t credit the parents for making him strive. To begin with, with or without the parents, the person I knew was constantly striving. Had he had the advantages of the parents resources, he would be much much much further now. It’s an attitude, not just an aptitude. A horse will still run and graze whether encumbered or not. It will just not go as far.

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