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Intrega Kay Misis

Posted on: May 14, 2009

I opened a thread in pinoy exchange and asked some people if Pinoys still surrender their salary to their wives.  Most if not all answered a yes.  This is not surprising to me because most of the Pinoys I know(my previous co-workers) all surrender their salaries to the wife.  I find this set-up quite alarming.  Even if I consider myself a feminist, I find it unfair for the male who cannot even control and build his own wealth.(I’m also individualistic.)  Money is power and we should never let anyone have the chance to get all our (hard-earned) power. Another thing that I find alarming is that most women have poor financial skills.  Worst case scenario is what happened to Ted Failon and his wife.  Ted left his earnings to the wife, and the wife mismanaged and lost everything.  This is not even a question of trust.  We might really find a trustworthy spouse with all the good intentions, but can we trust their financial skills and  discernment? Many wives don’t even work.  What do they know about making and keeping money?  Love and trust alone are not enough for people to consider for a spouse/partner.  They need to have similar money values, and teach each other (usually husband should teach the wife)  how to handle money.


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